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Mortgage Enforcement

Mortgage enforcement is a broad remedy available to lenders to prompt borrowers to settle outstanding loans secured by a mortgage. Power of sale is one of the methods falling under the board definition of mortgage enforcement. The following outlines the services we provide to conduct a Power of sale:

  1. Client consultation and debriefing on the matter
  2. Making demand for the settlement of loan under the Mortgages Act
  3. Commencement of a civil suit to recover, amongst others, the outstanding loans and costs
  4. Service of a notice of power of sale
  5. Appointment of a real estate agent
  6. Conducting appraisals
  7. Engaging bailiffs to take control of the house
  8. Listing the subject property for sale
  9. Obtaining payout statements from lenders in priorities
  10. Preparation of closing documents and accounts
  11. Finalization of title deeds for registration
  12. Settlement of debts and discharge of mortgage/interest
  13. Reporting